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Shinchan Movie: Kaanta Lagaa In Hindi Video

Shinchan Movie: Kaanta Lagaa In Hindi Video Download in HD Mp4, 3Gp, Video Song, Movies, Trailer Free Download
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Duration: 98 minutes and 57 second
Definition: hd
Author: think teenager
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Credits: ASHAI TV

About movie: Hiroshi was ordered to collect the fruit of cactus and was transferred to Mexico. So, Nohara family had to move to Mexico and live there. They had to bid farewell to their acquaintances and the citizens of Kasukabe with tears. Shinnosuke heard that Mexican young girls are stylish and beautiful and became eager for this journey. On arriving at Madakueruyobaka city in Mexico, a new life full of anxiety, surrounded by unique neighbours awaits them. But Shinnosuke and Nohara family had no idea that flesh-eating killer cactuses are going to attack.

Now it is up to Nohara family along with the neighbours of Mexico to overcome this trouble.[1][6][7]

In Mexico, in the town of Madakueruyobaka (fictional place), a new species of cactus was discovered. From the bud of the cactus, delicious and sweet honey could be made. Futaba Shouji, the company where Hiroshi worked, had put an eye on this. The company saw this as a business opportunity; it wanted to import and sell this commodity in Japan and outside. So, the company decided to open a branch office in Madakueruyobaka. Hiroshi was made the president of the Madaukeruyobaka branch, and was ordered transfer to Mexico.

Hiroshi had initially decided to go alone. But his wife Misae strongly opposed this. She argued that it would hamper the growth of their children, and said that a family is useless if it is not together. So it was decided that Hiroshi would move to Mexico with his family together.

At Futaba Kindergarten, Miss Yoshinaga announced that Shinnosuke would be leaving Kasukabe and moving to Mexico, which shocked everyone. All the Kasukabe Defense Group members expressed sorrow, except Kazama-kun who pretended that he's not sad and remained calm. Ai-chan, who has a crush on Shin-chan, cried for him.

Shinnosuke was at first unhappy, as he would be separated from Nanako. He said that, "I will remain in Kasukabe. I shall marry Nanako and live in Kasukabe". But when Shinnosuke was told that Mexican girls are beautiful and glamorous, he decided to go.

Nohara family packed their belongings, and their house appeared empty. They felt sad and nostalgic for leaving their house full of memories. Their luggage was transported before their actual departure.

On the day of leaving, all the people of Kasukabe came together to bid farewell to the Nohara family. The Kasukabe Defense Group had come with a KB (Kasukabe Boueitai) badge, and gave it to Shinnkosuke. They said that, "Wherever in the world you go, if you have this badge, you shall remain a Kasukabe Boueitai member". All members except Kazama-kun had arrived. Even the Saitama Red Scorpions, who considered Shin-chan a nuisance, had come. The Nohara family took a taxi to Kasukabe station. From the station, they boarded a train to the International Airport. When the train moved, in the middle of a dry river, Kazama was seen running behind. Shinnosuke and Kazama both called each other's names, with tears, and Kazama still running behind the train. Finally they lifted their KB badge together and waved goodbye.

At the airport, Hiroshi was amazed at the speed of the airport crew. Huge aeroplanes could be seen landing and taking off. They boarded their flight to Mexico. They finally arrived at Mexico. They stayed at the seaside resort, and took a long-distance bus to Madakueruyobaka. On reaching, they saw that it is a small and remote town, cut-off from the big cities, and isolated. From there, they meet José, the only employee from the Futaba Shouji's Mexico branch. José couldn't speak Japanese, except for few words and phrases. From his dialogue "zenzen daijoubu" (totally fine), Hiroshi and others mistook that he is fluent in Japanese. He took them to their new house. In the pamphlet given by the company, the house looked gorgeous and nice. But when they reached there, they saw that the house was only halfway made with brick walls and windows, looking tattered. They had to accept it, looking at the body language of José.

Nohara family begin their new life in Mexico. They quickly adapted to the surroundings. They adjusted to Mexican food, which was very different from their own Japanese food. They learnt Spanish, so as to be understood by the locals. They even wore the traditional Mexico attire. Shinnosuke went to the local kindergarten. The teacher Carolina was a beauty having a nice body. Shinnosuke was delighted and fell in love with her.

Duration: 1 Hour, 38 Minute, 58 Second
Rating: 4.09 - Very Good
Definition: SD
Published: 1 Years Ago

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