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Sampoorna Amarnath Yatra Video

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Yatra Amarnath Dham - Amarnath Yatra (Amarnath Shivlinga is build itself from snow and stays here for only few months)Subscribe:
Label: T-Series
Amarnath Dham is approximate 135 kms from Shrinagar. This is 13,600 feet high from sea-level. Amarnath Shivlinga is build itself from snow and stays here for only few months. It automatically forms itself therefore it is also known as Swayambhu Himani Shivlinga. The Shivlinga starts forming itself from Ashadh Poornima which gains its full shape on the day of Shravan Poornima. Every year the lakhs of devotees visit this place to worship.
There are two ways to reach this place: first through Pahalgaon and the second through Baltal. Till this place the devotees can come through Bus and after this they have to travel on foot. For safety purpose the way through Pahalgaon is considered more safe and comortable due to which the most of the people like to go through this way.

So watch this beautiful Yatra Video & share with others & share your views with us.
Voice: Shammi Narang
Producer: T-Series
Label: T-Series

Bhakti Sagar:
Duration: 1 Hour, 19 Minute, 07 Second
Rating: 4.18 - Very Good
Definition: SD
Published: 7 Years Ago

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